Alpine Car Accident {Oct 2022} The Overnight Mishap That Closed The Highway

The guide shares details about Alpine Car Accident to inform readers about the overnight incident.

Are you a resident of Bergen County who often travels via Alpine? If you are a daily commuter, you will likely face difficulty travelling through the road as it is diverted, and some portions are closed because of a car crash that occurred at midnight on 9W.

The road mishap was reported on 9W around midnight, involving two vehicles. The collision occurred close to the Hillside Avenue, Alpine intersection on 10th Oct 2022.

The collision was very serious that injured around 5-6 people. People in the United States are worried and want to learn more about the Alpine Car Accident.

About the Alpine Car Collision!

The alpine car collision was the news headline in most newspapers and media channels on 11th Oct 2022, making many people worried in the United States. The collision was reported at midnight on 10th Oct. 

The car collision occurred on the highway of Bergen County, and both directions of the highway were closed after the collision. The collision occurred around midnight on 9W close to the intersection of Hillside Avenue, as per the preliminary reports. 

The highway is closed, and the police divert many routes for further investigation.

Alpine Car Crash – What are the Causalities?

As per the preliminary reports, around five people were involved in the road mishap, and all vehicle passengers incurred serious injuries. The report also confirms that one person was trapped inside the car after the collision. But he was rescued later by the emergency responders.

The local municipalities reached the accident spot to assist the Alpine emergency responders. The passengers incurred serious injuries, but no fatality has been reported. All injured people were rushed to the local Alpine House Surgery hospital.

They are under treatment and observation, and the police are investigating the case to know the underlying cause of the accident.

How did the Accident Occur?

The accident was reported on midnight of 10th Oct, and very little information is available. However, police have reached the spot and investigating the crash to know the cause of the car accident. 

All injured people were rushed to a local hospital for treatment, and the road is closed for investigation. 


A road accident occurred at midnight on 10th Oct, closing both directions of Bergen County highway. All injured passengers, including children, were rushed to Alpine Home Medical for first aid and undergoing medical treatment.     

Police have not released any statement yet as the investigation is going on. Fortunately, no fatality has been reported by the police. 

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