Bacchus Marsh Bus Crash {Sep 2022} Check The Details And Find Out The Survivors Of The Collision!

This report on Bacchus Marsh Bus Crash notifies some details of the incident of an automobile collision. Look through and check about the survivors.

Was there a Bacchus Marsh Bus Crash? Did the school bus of Bacchus Marsh collide? Many individuals from Australia and other nations were concerned and horrified after the bus crash. It is claimed that four individuals were critically hurt in the recent school bus incident.

The incident occurred near Melbourne’s Bacchus Marsh following colliding with a truck. Once a bus from Ballarat’s Loreto College collided with a truck and tumbled into a barrier, numerous additional people ended up in hospitals. Read more details about the school bus accident in the blog below.

Bacchus Marsh Accident:

On Wednesday morning, September 20, 2022, the school bus was traveling from Loreto College, Ballarat, to Tullamarine Airport with 27 pupils in grades nine through eleven, four elders, and other passengers for the journey to the U.S.A.

According to authorities, people on a school bus “unexpectedly” avoided colliding with an edge following a truck that slammed their automobile from behind on a motorway in Melbourne’s west.

Once the bus was struck, two people and two female teenagers were gravely hurt in Bacchus Marsh Car Accident while lowering down to prevent an early collision. However, all were saved, and no fatalities were reported.

What happened in the accident?

Eighteen additional patients were transported in a static situation to separate hospitals. A 40-year-old female and a 50-year-old male were rushed to the Royal Melbourne in a critical but stabilized situation. Two adolescent girls were airlifted to the Royal Children’s hospital in a critical but sound state.

Roger Schranz, Detective Inspector, stated that very amazingly, they safely evacuated themselves and other individuals, maybe the lorry drivers, etc., halted at Condoms Lane Bacchus Marsh to aid them. The necessary treatment was provided to the injured, and they were safely shifted to hospitals in stabilized conditions.


The school bus that was headed for its finest trip to the U.S. once the truck and the bus crashed in the Condon’s crossing lane. The bus carrying 27 females was headed for the airport when a catastrophic truck accident happened in the middle of the Highway- Western Express.

Besides, check more on the school bus accident at Bacchus Marsh here. 

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