Bailiff Kills Wife {Oct 2022} Look Out To Be Informed About An Incident That Resulted In A Demise!

Today’s blog is about Bailiff Kills Wife. Look through and know what happened between the couple that led to a severe crime as a fatality of one.

Did Bailiff Kills Wife? What could be the reason behind the Bailiff’s criminal action? Is the news associated with the actor true? A Texas-based sheriff’s deputy, Renard Spivey, who was portrayed as Bailiff on a television courthouse series, has been accused of killing after allegedly murdering his spouse in their home.

The news about Bailiff or Renard has shocked many of his followers from the United States and other global places. Let’s check this write-up and determine if he was arrested and what he was accused of.

Tv Show Bailiff Killed Wife:

As per the authorities, Renard suffered a bullet injury in the leg once cops reached the site of a domestic incident report. Sources indicate that following additional investigation, they discovered the remains of his 52-year-old spouse, Patricia Ann Marshall Spivey, who had recently been killed through a gunshot by her husband, Renard Spivey.

Renard admitted to the officials that he and his spouse were arguing about his suspected steroid usage.

Former Tv Show Bailiff Killed Wife: 

According to the charging paperwork submitted in the courtroom on Monday, October 10, 2022, the couple was arguing and fighting. As per Renard, the duo fought in the closet about a gun. At least three shots had been fired, striking Renard once and Ann twice.

Per another report, in an interrogation on a cop’s bodycam, Spivey allegedly admitted to officials that they were grappling and arguing with the handgun carried and were fighting for the entire day.

TV Court Bailiff Killed Wife:

Ann Spivey’s family and friends still are grieving their impending loss after Renard killed her. Besides, Spivey will be tested for his psychological health when jailed, per the courtroom’s documents.

As per online prison documents, Renard has been detained without bond, and his lawyer is not mentioned in the courtroom records. Renard has yet to enter a plea agreement and will have an initial court appearance on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 afternoon.


Patrica, who always had a grin on her face and enjoyed shooting photographs, was recently in the news as Bailiff Kills Wife. Her brother, Ezra Washington, stated that she enjoyed taking photographs and that he was conscious of her objective. He was acquainted with her story because she had done good but was gone far too young. For additional information and the most recent news of Bailiff’s crime, go here.

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