Billwarning 16 com : Is It Legit or Scam!

The guide shares details about Billwarning 16 com to help readers know if it is legit or a scam.

Are you worried about the unpaid electricity bill every month? There is a remedy to keep tracking the unpaid bill. However, it was launched in 2014 to let businesses publically reveal other businesses which are not paying the bills timely. But, we are discussing a similar kind of website recently launched,

It is an online website that recently launched, and the domain was registered a couple of days ago. It claims to work similarly to the predecessor However, we have not found any relevant link between these two websites. So, people in the United States want to know about Billwarning 16 com.

What is is an online website that claims to work like the previous website However, both portals are different, and they function in a different ways. After evaluating the website, we found that it redirects the visitors to another website where they will find some videos. Stansberry Research presents the website where it redirects. 

So, we have not found any link with the original bill payment reminder service, So, all users in the United States are urged to use the website and evaluate its authenticity carefully.

Is Billwarning 16 com Legit?

We have not found any strong evidence to consider it a legit portal. After evaluating, we have found the following information.

  • Domain Registration – 30th Sept 2022, only nine days old
  • Server Location – Two locations within the USA
  • Trust Score – We have not found the trust score and trust ranking of the website
  • Reviews – There are no customer reviews available
  • Social Media – The website has no active pages on social media 

Based on all these findings, it is confirmed that Billwarning 16 com is not a legit portal. So, you must visit the website after proper evaluation and research to avoid getting scammed. When you visit the website, it redirects you to another portal, so you must use the website carefully.


People worry about their unpaid electricity bills and find new methods to keep tracking their bills. So, to make things easier, a website has been created recently. However, we have evaluated the website and found many loopholes. 

The facts shared above make Billwarning 16 com a scam website that redirects users to 3rd website. Besides, the website extremely young to trust, and there are no reviews or testimonials to confirm its legitimacy.

So, it is urged that consumers must research the website carefully before using it to avoid unnecessary scams.

What do you have to say about the website? Please share it in the comment section.

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