Bullet Train Actor Ray Buffer {Oct 2022} Read The Facts To Learn About The Star’s Robbery Case!

Today’s topic on Bullet Train Actor Ray Buffer notifies readers about a video clip of an actor. Look into the details and discover the incident.

Did Bullet Train Actor Ray Buffer stole comics? Ray Buffer was charged with comic book theft by two shops selling comics in California. According to surveillance video, the star is captured on camera attempting to rob by hiding comic books beneath his clothing. The authorities have received the recordings as additional evidence.

In the film Bullet Train, Ray Buffer, who portrays a Russian thug, was busted snatching comic books valued over 600 USD. Let’s find out about Ray Buffer’s robbing offence through this post.

About Bullet Train Ray Buffer Actor:

The Bullet Train star was recently accused of stealing comics from bookshops. The owners accosted the artist and ordered him to depart the store after he attempted to rob two times from two independent comic book shops. Buffer is a convicted felon, according to the business employees.

The retailer approached the star after being able to authenticate his identification and gave him the option of returning the item or facing legal action.

What’s the news about Bullet Train Actor Ray Buffer?

The Police Department of San Diego is investigating the charges, and the business has given them all the material. The holder of Southern California Comics, Jamie Newbold, stated that the shop would file a lawsuit against Ray and claimed that it wasn’t the sole comic book shop the star had attacked.

He supplied surveillance video allegedly obtained in late September and shows Bullet Train Ray Buffer Actor at Los Angeles’ Metropolis Comics, according to individuals employed there. Southern California Comics posted on Facebook that Ray replied and stated they were bothering him.

Additional information about Ray:

In Movies and television, Ray has played several minor or unacknowledged appearances. In recently Aired roles, according to Buffer’s bio, he has taken on the roles of a paparazzi cameraman in White Famous, a politician in Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga, and a hitman in American Gigolo.

Metropolis Alania Rice’s co-owner also verified the event to officials. A demand for a response from them was not immediately answered by Buffer or even San Diego’s Police authorities and department.


Bullet Train Actor Ray Buffer recently stole comic books and hid them under his shirt, and the store’s cameras caught him doing it. After learning about the incident, the comic store owners checked the security footage till they came across this. They are providing the police with all the information. You can look at more facts on Ray Buffer here.

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