Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review {Oct 2022} Learn Here!

The guide shares the details and Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review for the fans of Burger King. 

Are you waiting for the new addition to Burger King’s menu this Halloween? Burger King, the largest burger chain, is known for adding new limited-edition items to its menu every Halloween. Last year, the burger giant added Ghost Whopper Nuggets for a limited period and gained a massive response from its valuable customers.

In 2022, the burger giant is again up with a new burger called Ghost Pepper Whopper. It is an orange bun with black sesame seeds and a grilled beef patty, bacon, pepper cheese, jalapenos and queso sauce in the middle. People in the United States are looking for Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review.

What Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper?

The Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper is a new burger added to the menu for a limited period. It is a single standard orange bun with a flame-grilled whopper patty and topped with spicy sauces, bacon, jalapenos and pepper cheese. The bun also features black sesame seeds that add a zest of spiciness to the burger. 

The three main ingredients that heighten the spicy levels are queso sauce, pepper cheese and jalapenos; as you keep enjoying the bites, the taste changes along with the spiciness. So, enjoy the new burger this Halloween.

Burger King Halloween Whopper – Reviews!

Burger King has announced another seasonal limited-edition spooky burger Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper, which will be available during October to celebrate Halloween. Burger King has a history of releasing new burgers during Halloween, and 2022 is no different. They have announced a notorious spicy whopper for the fans, and people are enjoying the taste and sharing positive reviews. 

Many users have already tried the burger and shared their reviews for Burger King Halloween Whopper. They have said that the spiciness of the burger makes it amazing and can be increased or reduced depending on the queso sauce level.

What is the Price of the Whopper?

The burger will be available throughout October until Halloween is over. The price of the burger is $6.99 and varies depending on the location and toppings you want. However, it won’t cost you more than $6.99 across the United States.


Every Halloween, Burger King announces a new limited-edition item for its menu and 2022 is no exception. They have already announced a limited-edition Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper. It is already receiving good responses and 8-star out of 10 in the Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper Review.

So, have you tried the new Burger King Ghost Pepper Whopper? Please share your views and experiences in the comment section. 

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