Daniel Tibia Death {Oct 2022} Check The Current Updates On The Case That Started With Friendship!

This write-up associated with Daniel Tibia Death lets visitors know about the actual fact concerning the friendship that lead to a crime by the child.

Do you know about Daniel Tibia Death? Playing video games keeps the brain busy and fosters creativity. Since people in the United States and other areas communicate a great deal regarding each other’s experiences, it fosters the development of new connections. 

Regrettably, once extraordinary agitation and aggression are engaged, such in Daniel Petry’s case, it often conveys the incorrect ideals. The following information relates to him and the killing. So, read more about Daniel and what happened to this young child.

Daniel Petry Gabriel Kuhn:

Daniel Petry gained notoriety after becoming embroiled in a killing case. Observing a 16-year-old maltreat a 12-year-old is both intriguing and sad. A young Brazilian kid named Daniel Petry was brought up in Brazil, Santa Catarina, Blumenau, in 1991. 

Daniel is infamous for murdering and torturing a 12-year-old boy, Gabriel Kuhn. The youth, who was staying in his neighborhood, was killed on July 23, 2007. Growing older, Daniel faced psychological difficulties.

Daniel and Gabriel Crime Scene:

Daniel adored television, the web, and videogames. He watched TV and played video games the most of the time. He often missed his classes to spend time with pals playing video games. He encountered Gabriel and they grew close since they both loved playing online games. However, later he committed crime and the site seems to have publicized through the images.

Daniel’s family was extremely thoughtful and helped him get mental care. He barely participated in a few meetings, though, and skipped several.

Daniel and Gabriel Crime Scene Photos:

Killing of Gabriel incident occurred after they met multiple times and became friends. No pictures are yet publicized. Gabriel once requested a 1.75 USD loan from Daniel using the digital money of Tibia’s online store. Sadly, he failed to fulfill his pledge to repay the funds.

The infamous child arrived at Kuhns’ door particularly early on July 23, 2007. After beating him ruthlessly for a bit, Daniel started molesting him and choked him by firmly wrapping electrical cords over his neck.


Daniel Tibia Death was in headlines since online game became the reason for a friendship that lead to a killing. So, it became the cause of a Daniel and Gabriel whose friendship turned to a killing was in the news. Check here for the game that was the cause of Gabriel’s death.

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