Delphi Murders Richard Allen Reddit {Oct 2022} Was The Accused Detained For Girls’ Killing!

This article is about Delphi Murders Richard Allen Reddit to notify viewers about an unresolved mystery. Check and learn if the accused was recently detained.

Is there any arrest associated with girls’ murders? Is it about Richard Allen Indiana? According to a report, authorities have detained the person who they suspect murdered two adolescent Indiana girls about half a decade ago.

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Is the case Delphi murder case resolved?

Sister of Libby German, Kelsi German, tweeted on October 28, 2022, that it was the day and stated that a press briefing is currently slated for Monday, October 31, 2022. Because the remains of Libby and Abby were discovered in 2017, their killings have remained unresolved.

They were let off in Delphi at the Monon High Bridge to stroll alone but were not picked up at the scheduled hour.

Richard Allen Indiana:

According to numerous reports, 50-year-old Richard Allen was taken into custody and incarcerated on Friday, October 28, 2022, for involvement with the 2017 slayings of 13-year-old “Abby” Williams, Abigail, and Libby German,” a 14-year-old.

The last time both girls were seen safe was in the Snapchat shot Libby shared of Abby strolling along a train bridge just before they vanished. In a wooded location about a half-mile to the north of where they had been left off, their bodies were located the next day, according to authorities.

Delphi Murders Arrest:

According to multiple local media sources, a guy has been detained for the murders of two young teenage girls in Indiana. Indianapolis’ WXIN-TV FOX station claimed that Richard Allen was arrested on October 28, 2022, in association with the Delphi killing trial,” claiming “several authorities.”

Police discovered an audio recording that Libby recorded that fatal afternoon when a person could be audible stating “down the hill” while conducting their inquiry. Throughout the years, authorities have chased several individuals, such as a guy detained for getting involved in the Capitol attack on January 6.

Delphi Murders Solved:

According to prison records seen by Law and Crime, as of the earlier afternoon, a 50-year-old man named Richard Matthew Allen was recorded as “in detention” at Indiana, Delphi’s Carroll County Jail.

There was no evidence given regarding the allegations for which Richard was detained. When Law and Crime called the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office authorities and Carroll County Jail lines on Friday to inquire, neither number was responded. No one responded to the notes left on any of those phones.

Richard Allen Facebook:

A bogus Instagram and Snapchat profile connected with Libby’s all-around period she and Abby were murdered is also being looked at by authorities. On February 13, 2017, Liberty German (Libby), fourteen years and her close friend Abigail Williams (Abby), 13, went missing while hiking the Monon High Bridge path close to Delphi, Indiana.

The only information the regional CW network WISH and Indianapolis ABC subsidiary WRTV was that an accused, who neither network would identify, had been detained and in a courtroom on Friday, October 28, 2022.

Delphi Murders Suspect:

Additional prison results demonstrated that Richard might have been transferred to the care of Monticello’s White County Sheriff’s Office, Indiana, late on October 28, 2022, afternoon. Richard was booked there, according to the guy who responded to the call, but all other inquiries about the incident were forwarded to the sheriff, and he did not reply to a voice note that was left.

On Friday, Kelsi German, one of the fatality’s sisters, tweeted that nothing is verified. Kelsi German sent off the two girls to go trekking, but neither of them made it back.

Richard Allen Abby and Libby:

Richard has been a suspect in Libby and Abby’s case. In a video clip stating Hey, down the slope,” a guy is heard saying a video clip that the investigators believe the now-deceased teen taped. As per prior sources from WXIN, the complete audio is 43 seconds lengthy, yet only a tiny quantity has also been made available to the general public.

Authorities suspect that Libby German, who, according to her grandma, loved watching TV crime dramas, captured a little video slip and some brief comments from her alleged murderer.


On Friday, October 28, 2022, WXIN claimed that law enforcement authorities intended to announce “a big breakthrough” in Delphi Murders Richard Allen Reddit case. At a media briefing scheduled for Monday, it has been investigating the murders of two teenage girls, Libby and Abby. 

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