Does Hilary Swank Have Children {Oct 2022} Explore And Discover If The Star Is Expecting A Child!

This write-up about Does Hilary Swank Have Children informs about the recent revelation if the star would be a first-time mother or have kids.

What is Philip Schneider Age? Does Hilary have kids? What was the recent announcement by Hilary Swank? These queries are asked by many Hilary’s fans across the United States, Canada, and several other countries.

The star cast of Alaska Daily, a 47-year-old artist, recently announced her pregnancy. But is she already having kids, or is this the first one? So, let’s find out about Hilary, her marriage, life, and her kids in this post below.

Hilary Swank Kids:

The cast of Alaska Daily revealed on Wednesday, 5th October 2022, that she and her spouse, Philip Schneider, are expecting a child. From 1997 to 2007, Hilary previously wedded Chad Lowe, but the couple had no kids.

Hilary Swank stated her pregnancy as a miracle and a true gift. Hilary also stated that her twins might share their birthdays with Stephen Swank, her late father, who passed away in 2021 after battling lung disease.

Is Hilary Swank Married?

Hillary swank and married twice. Her first spouse was Chad Lowe, whose marriage lasted from 1997 to 2007. Hilary’s second wedding was with Philip Schneider in 2018. In an interview on 5th October 2022, the actress revealed the fantastic news that she is expecting twins.

She shared that it has been something she wanted for a very long time, and her next goal is to be a mother, not only of one but would be a mother of two that she couldn’t believe.

Hilary Swank Husband:

Hilary and her husband, Philip Schneider, have always maintained their connection discreetly, only attending some occasions jointly. Schneider is a business owner and a corporate venture capitalist, a job that business describes as combining business with a humanitarian mindset.

During a trip to Colorado, Schneider’s proposal to Hilary was in 2016, and he turned the occasion exceptionally memorable by bringing the star’s dogs along.


Swank, who disclosed her pregnancy, claimed that twins exist in her and Schneider’s families, saying that she is “very happy” with the upcoming stage. Once their twins birth, Hilary Swank Philip Schneider will be their first-time parents. Explore a few interesting facts about Hilary here.

Do you know about Hilary Swank’s children? Share about the star’s life in the comment section.

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