Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Results: Find Eliza’s Death Reason With a Funeral and an Obituary!

To know Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Results read this article and know everything about Eliza in detail.

Have you heard about the mysterious death of Eliza? When did Eliza go missing? Please read this article and get details from Friday 2nd September while she goes out for jogging and does not return.

When this news went viral in the United States, people are demanding to know all the updates regarding Eliza as police have recently found a decayed body. Now continue this article to know facts of Eliza Fletcher Cause Of Death.

Eliza Fletcher missing and cause of death:

On the 2nd of September Friday, Eliza never came home after her jogging. The family lodged a missing diary in the police station. While looking for the CCTV footage, police found she was forced to enter a car from Central Avenue.

Thus, it is clear that Eliza had been kidnapped and killed. While police were investigating, they found her dead body near the grave beside a duplex apartment. Police took Cleotha Abston into custody as a prime suspect.

Eliza Fletcher Funeral

The funeral date has been fixed. Eliza’s funeral will be held at Presbyterian Church on 10h September. Fletcher’s family has requested to create a memorial where exact details of her need to be added.

  • Eliza Fletcher was born in Memphis on 9th November 19897.
  • Graduated from Hutchison School in 2006.
  • She played soccer for the University of Memphis.
  • She got married on 8th march 2014.

Lots of details about Eliza have been written in the memorial that has been created. Now continue this article to know some other details.

Eliza Fletcher Obituary and Autopsy report:

The police are now waiting for the autopsy report. It will help them to do a faster investigation. Police said the man who kidnapped her was sitting in the passenger seat.

Police also arrested a 38-year-old man and sent DNA samples to confirm. These are the updates that we find. We suggest viewers follow us to get some new details that will help you to know How Did Eliza Fletcher died.

Why are people searching for Eliza Fletcher?

People started searching for Eliza after they learned that a 34 young lady had been abducted and killed.

Final Verdict:

Recently on 2nd September, Eliza fletcher went missing later. Police found her body near a vacant duplex complex. Now police sent her body for autopsy, and everyone is waiting to know Eliza Fletcher Autopsy Results.

Have you heard of this incident before? If you have heard, send condolences to her family using this platform. Meanwhile, click here if you want to know some extra details about Eliza Fletcher

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