Empire Record Label Deaths {Sep 2022} Who Owns The Label? Learn Possesses And Who The CEO Is!

The Empire Record Label Deaths and its owner’s details are discussed in this article. Explore this page to learn more.

Are there a few questionable activities going on at the Empire Record Label Deaths? A strange fact regarding the deaths of many rap artists is being discussed by many. Individuals across the United States and other global nations refer to this musical company as a Death record. 

After one of the rap artists, PnB Rock, of the Empire Record Label, died suddenly, and the public was in a state of sadness, there was a stir concerning the company. Scroll down to find more facts.

Empire Record Label Owner:

The company is an America-based distributor and record company. Nashville, Atlanta, New York, and London are all host facilities for Empire. Ghazi Shami created Empire Publishing, Records and, Distribution, Records and Inc.

Although Empire creates albums in a broad range of entertainment types, hip-hop entertainment is its central focus and is the form for which it is most renowned.

Why is Empire Record discussed on social media?

After one of the rap artists, PnB Rock, of the Empire Record Label died suddenly. People talked about Empire Record Label Deaths. Also, the public was sad, and a few individuals also believe it’s not the first time the label has lost a rap artist. 

Also, they now believe there may be a correlation between the fatalities of these stars and the company. A horrifying reality concerning the label may be hiding behind these musicians’ fatalities, according to those in the Hip-Hop and TikTok communities.

Empire distributes its music via sites including Deezer, SoundCloud, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, and Google Play.

Empire Record Label CEO:

The company’s CEO is Ghazi Shami, who started Empire in 2010 and has been working in the music business ever since. He received his degree in music technology from San Francisco State University. He was the Director of Ingrooves as well and has liked technology and music since childhood. 

Before entering the music business, he worked as a computer manufacturer. The Empire also provides vinyl records and tangible CDs to conventional record shops. So, if you want to check Who Owns Empire Record Label, it is Ghazi Shami.

Numerous rappers, including Kendrick Lamar, Migos, Anderson, and Cardi B, who are now well-known, launched their careers on the label. Tap here to learn more about Empire Record.


Empire Record, the well-known and established label, was in the news due to the deaths of many rap artists under its brand. The company is now thinking of taking a step forward in preventing their rap stars.

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