Hilaree Nelson Manaslu {Sep 2022} Read To See If The Mountaineer Is Located In The Rescue Operation!

This blog on Hilaree Nelson Manaslu notifies users about an incident of a women mountaineer. Check details to know if the mountaineer was located.

Is Hilaree Nelson Missing from Manaslu? Ever since the mountaineer’s news spread, people from the United States, Canada, France, and other places wanted to confirm her survival.

The same day that a mountaineer from the Nepali region was killed by an earthquake on the same mountain’s peak, the prominent ski mountaineer from the American region, Hilaree Nelson, disappeared on the Manaslu mountain of Nepal, according to officials and organizers of the expedition.

About Hilaree:

People worldwide are surfing to discover the incident a mountaineer faced and her whereabouts, Hilaree Nelson Husband, etc. However, Hilaree still needs to tie the knot again. 

Shangri-La Nepal Treks’ Jiban Ghimire, who sponsored the excursion, stated that Hilaree had a mishap when lowering immediately after her peak. They are attempting to clarify what occurred.

The government’s tourist bureau reported a landslide struck camps three and four on the 26,781-foot, 8,163-metre mountain the same day. It killed one Nepali mountaineer and wounded many others.

Hilaree Nelson Children:

Hilaree, supported by the outdoor clothing company North Face, resides in Colorado, Telluride, with her boys Graydon, 13 and Quinn, 15. When Hilaree is away, her boys reside with their ex-husband.

It’s unclear if the North Face athlete recently fell from a cliff face or down a ravine, but the reports claimed that she fell about twenty-five meters, and operations of search and rescue are in progress to attempt to find her.

Hilaree Nelson First Husband:

Brian O’Neill was Hilaree’s first spouse. Sadly, they were forced to separate ways because of personal problems. The kids of Hilaree and Brian now reside with the mother.

A few reports claim that Jim and Hilaree reached the Manasalu summit at 11:30 a.m., and fifteen minutes after reaching, there was a call that Hilaree had fallen down the peak’s other side when her ski blade broke. However, Jim is located, and rescue operations are still going on for Hilaree’s whereabouts.


Hilaree Nelson is said to have vanished in the Nepalese Himalayas’ Manaslu among the most accomplished women ski mountaineers of all time. According to reports, Hilaree Nelson Jim Morrison was preparing to ski down the mountain. You can check more information about Hilaree Nelson here.

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