Jeffrey Dahmer Book Comic {Sep 2022} Read The Particulars And Experience The Graphical Tale!

This writing on Jeffrey Dahmer Book Comic informs the readers about a book based on a serial killer whose character shows his cruelty and insanity. 

Have you read the Jeffrey Dahmer Book Comic based on Jeffrey’s story? Many viewers in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, and other areas share that the book is a must-read comic for Ryan Murphy’s fans.

Readers who want to learn about the serial killer’s unconventional upbringing must read the comic “My Friend Dahmer” novel before viewing the forthcoming Netflix series on Dahmer’s life. So, let’s read this post to learn more about the comic and its facts about Jeffrey Dahmer’s life.

Jeffrey Dahmer Book Written By His Dad:

The unimaginable acts of serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer shook the nation in July 1991. However, his parents were the ones who were most horrified. A Father’s Story depicts the gradual dismantling of a parent’s conception of their child and the “many varied emotions” that follow. 

Lionel Dahmer meticulously examines each potential cause of his son’s insanity to comprehend the origins of his son’s psychosis. His despair is apparent as he looks for hints in the emotional, psychological, and genetic terrain of his son’s existence.

Jeffrey Dahmer Book Comic:

The novel My Friend Dahmer functions in several aspects as a gruesome sequel to Jeffrey: Monster – The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Despite possessing Dahmer as its focus, the series is very different.

The viewpoint of Dahmer’s targets is presented in it as contrasted to My Friend Dahmer, which portrays him as a tormented, disturbed adolescent. As a result, the tale foreshadows the spooky encounters that Dahmer experienced with individuals he met as an adult.

Jeffrey Dahmer Comic Book Value:

The comic book for My Friend Dahmer is available for 02.95 USD. Besides, the expanded and updated edition of My Friend Dahmer, a Jeffrey Dahmer novel or book, cost about 26.99 USD (Hardcover), 19.99 USD for paperback, and 09.99 USD for Kindle. You can also buy its DVD for 14.99 USD and Blu-ray for about 12.99 USD.

Additionally, it is a well-regarded graphic novel that has won numerous accolades for its innovative utilization of graphic comic/novel book media to convey the unique tale of a juvenile murderer.


Jeffrey Dahmer Book ComicMy Friend Dahmer, is more of a drama character than a real crime drama, yet it nonetheless suits the events in the Netflix series. Also, read an overview of Jeffrey’s comic here.

It is the ideal pre-Netflix reading for anyone, including people who only sometimes enjoy graphic books. Did you read Jeffrey’s comic? Share your views on Jeffrey in the section below.

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