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This write-up is about Kemper Durand Memphis to inform visitors about an incident that might have been recalled due to another similar incident.

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Abston has been involved in many cases, including Kemper Durand. Recently, people in the United States and worldwide searched for Kemper Durand and wanted to know the facts. So, let’s read about Kemper Durand Memphis.

About Cleotha Abston Case:

Several sources indicate that Abston was only sixteen when he kidnapped Kemper Durand, a prosecutor from Memphis, during the wee morning of 25th May 2000. According to Durand’s testimony, only fortune kept him alive the same day.

After thirteen years, Lewison Thomason, Durand’s previous legal firm, remembered Cleotha as having “placed a revolver in Durand’s face and grabbed his vehicle keys” before shoving him into the trunks.

The suspect in the recent week’s kidnapping of a Tennessee lady who was out for a run around the Memphis University (as stated by Kemper Durand Attorney), already served about twenty years imprisonment.

What Was The Recent Case Of Cleotha Abston?

As stated in an arrest document, Cleotha Abston, 38, was detained by U.S. Marshals on 5th September 2022, Saturday, when authorities located his DNA on a sandals pair recovered close to the location wherein Eliza Fletcher was reported missing.

Police have also connected an individual at the house where Cleotha was living with the car they think was involved in the kidnapping. Cleotha, who was already imprisoned for a crime for twenty years, did a crime again.

Kemper Durand Memphis:

A well-known Memphis lawyer was earlier abducted by Abston in 2000, according to the Commercial Appeal. Kemper Durand was put into the back of his automobile while Durand was only 16. Cleotha was holding a gun and compelled Kemper to go to a Mapco petrol station and use an ATM to get cash. 

Kemper called for assistance as an armored guard entered the facility. Cleotha attempted to flee but was captured. As per the court documents, he admitted to the crime, particularly criminal mischief, in 2001. He was given a sentence of 24 years.

Kemper Durand Obituary:

Kemper Durand took his last breath in 2013. His demise was 7 years before Abston’s release in 2020. So, people remember Kemper and pay their respect. Even after his imprisonment was completed, he was again involved in a kidnapping case.

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Kemper Durand’s name was again circulated after people recalled the incident when his accused Cleotha did another crime. He has already been imprisoned for many years for the crime and committed the same.

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