Kemper Durand Orgill Family {Sep 2022} Explore The Information To Check Additional Details!

This write-up entails facts associated with Kemper Durand Orgill Family to inform visitors about a recent incident that occurred in Memphis.

Why is the news of Kemper Durand circulating? People across the United States and worldwide have been extensively searching on the network about Kemper Durand’s case ever since there were a few statements from the attorney.

Was it a violent act or kidnapping? Let’s find out more about Kemper Durand Orgill Family in this post below. 

Information About The Victim:

Eliza Fletcher, a 34-year-old woman with two children jogging near the Memphis University campus on Friday, September 2, 2022, was kidnapped. 

Once accused of criminal mischief and evidence tampering on Sunday, September 4, 2022, Cleotha is held in custody on a 500,000 USD bond. 

About Orgill Family:

Orgill is the world’s largest privately held hardlines supplier throughout the globe, giving merchants exposure to over 75,000 items and market-beating retail industries across North America and over 60 other countries. The recent case is associated with Kemper Durand Memphis.

The 34-year-old victim is the late “Joe” Joseph Orgill III’s granddaughter, a well-known philanthropist and local businessman who founded a hardware distribution firm in Memphis. The privately held, family-owned business employs 5,500 people and is valued at 3.2 billion USD. In the community, the Orgill family is well-recognized.

Fletcher decided against following his father’s career path and instead picked a job as a neighborhood kindergarten teacher. The family begged for assistance in finding her and promised 50,000 USD in consideration for her safe recovery during a heartbreaking press appearance on Saturday.

The Incident At Orgill Memphis

Police claim that Fletcher’s kidnapping began on Friday, September 2, 2022, at about 04.20 a.m. The mom of two children was seen on CCTV footage rushing to the campus of Memphis University after a GMC Terrain SUV- a black- 2013 passed her. Once the SUV drew up, a person was seen getting out and racing irrationally more towards the joggers.

The attacker shoved Eliza towards the car’s passenger side as they got into a heated argument. They stayed in the vehicle for a further 4 minutes before it accelerated away, kidnapping Eliza Fletcher, as seen in the footage. Also, read more about the case. Photos of the alleged automobile were publicly disclosed to discover the kidnapped mom of two.


Eliza fetcher’s case has recently heated web networks after a person kidnapped her. The jogger’s smartphone and a bottle of water were recovered from the site of her abduction. A Champion slide shoe pair as found on the site. A similar SUV was captured on surveillance tape patrolling the area where Eliza was seized only 24 minutes before the abduction.

Kemper Durand Orgill Family reported her kidnapping after she failed to return from her jog. Do you know about the Memphis incident? Please share your views.

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