Lynette Romero News Anchor {Sep 2022} Read And Learn About The Sudden Dismissal Of A Newsreader!

This write-up on Lynette Romero News Anchor provides information about the departure of a broadcaster admired by several individuals worldwide.

Is there a suspension of Lynette Romero News Anchor? During a contentious exit, a news anchor was dismissed for criticizing how a previous co-anchor was treated. News followers in the United States and other countries have a mixed reaction to the dismissal of the news anchor.

Mark Mester, the weekend anchor for KTLA, is said to have been dismissed for speaking out over broadcast following the departure of Lynette Romero, his co-anchor, after 20 years with the network. You can check through the report below to know why the news anchor is dismissed.

Mark Mester Lynette Romero:

As a result of the remarks he released on his previous co-host Lynette Romero’s abrupt exit, Mark Mester, the news anchor of KTLA, has been put on administrative leave from the broadcaster. Sam Rubin, the entertainment specialist of the network, revealed it on-air on 14th September 2022.

The entertaining specialist stated that Lynette had abruptly quit the network after 24 years of working together, reportedly for a different work opportunity. Lynette had been employed since 1998 in several roles for KTLA.

Lynette Romero News Anchor

Lynette and seasoned journalist Hal Fischman co-anchored the station’s nightly newscast before she moved on to general assignment reporting before taking as the KTLA’s Morning News primary co-host for the weekends. In addition, she introduced the “positive news section” for Sundays titled “Link Up with Lynette.”

KTLA, the area news station of Los Angeles, is receiving backlash on social networking sites after a long-term anchor left the station after 20 years and was abruptly removed from the air without allowing fans to say goodbye.

What Happened to Lynette Romero?

On 18th September 2022, morning newscast Mark Mester, who co-hosted KTLA’s Morning News Weekend with Lynette, apologized to the viewers for her absence and called the event “unfair” and “mean.”

Lynette previously announced that the Alzheimer’s Association of California Southland partnered with her after her mother passed away recently this year due to the condition.


Less than a week ago, Lynette Romero, Mark Mester’s co-anchor, unexpectedly declared that she would be departing the station. After the absence of Lynette Romero News Anchor, people reacted against KTLA’s news station the dismissal.

Further, look through more information on KTLA station’s news anchor departure here.

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