Mikey Williams Puma Deal {Sep 2022} Read And Know The Endorsement Signed By A Prep Phenom!

This article on Mikey Williams Puma Deal informs visitors about an endorsement agreement signed by a prep phenom at an early professional phase.

Has Mikey signed a global agreement? Is it a Mikey Williams Puma Deal? Ever since football enthusiasts and others in the United States and other nations came to know about the deal, they were excited to know more.

Mikey Williams, the training sensation, had been in the headlines following his deal with a significant footwear brand. Since the novice basketball environment has shifted in the new phase of title, appearance, and resemblance agreements, Mikey signed a great deal with Puma, among the leading sports and footwear brands. So, let’s read more about Mike’s deal through the post below.

Mikey Williams Puma Contract:

Mikey Williams, the 17-year-old training sensation, has recently signed a multi-year footwear or athletic shoes and clothing endorsement agreement with Puma, leading him to be the very first basketball player from high school in the U.S. to accept a sneaker agreement with a major footwear company.

Mikey stated that he was thrilled to represent and endorse Puma and to be a part of the Puma group in his initial phase of joining football. He was excited to join the group and endorse it.

Mikey Williams Puma Deal:

The Puma agreement was concluded ahead of Vertical Academy and Mikey’s taking on GA Prep Series’ Overtime Elite on October 29. Mikey was highlighted in a mixtape-style clip over media platforms titled “Not Yet Rated” to publicize the partnership.

Mikey signed a NIL sponsorship contract with Mart Davis, Excel Sports agent and VP, as a new moniker, photo, and likeness regulations and rules went into force nationally on July 1, 2022. It made it possible for amateur athletes to secure lucrative sponsorship agreements for the very first time.

Mikey Williams Net Worth 2022:

Mikey Williams’s annual income in 2022 is about 5 million USD. Mikey stated after the deal that Puma comprehends how to combine basketball with culture, two traits he is obsessed about. Mikey has not yet decided what his goals are for the upcoming phase of his profession because prep players now have several options.


Mikey Williams, a highly anticipated basketball talent, recently inked a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Puma to involve upcoming product launches and campaigns. Also, view further details on Mikey Williams here.

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