Nyyxxii Instagram {Nov 2022} See TWITTER, Twitch of the Social Media Influencer and Know More!

This write-up with Nyyxxii Instagram details will assist you in knowing additional facts about a social media influencer who often appears online on social media.

Do you know the details of social media influencer NYYXXII? Is she your favorite social media influencer? Many people Worldwide are taking the profession of social media influencers. Being an influencer on social networking sites gives profession and wealth to individuals.

Therefore, people nowadays considerably choose this profession and often come live to influence and attract a broad range of audiences. So, see more facts about Nyyxxii Instagram in this guide below.

Who exactly is NYYXXII, and what is her profession?

NYYXXII was brought up in the U.K. and completed her necessary schooling. Nevertheless, she decided to follow her enthusiasm for games and initiated a profession as a social mediastreamer. She also decided to get a diploma in acting.

She is a gamer and content creator and is well-recognized for her Little Nightmares streaming. NYYXXII largely influences online visitors and keeps entertaining people online when she streams live.

Nyyxxii Twitch:

The Twitch streamer NYYXXII interacts with her viewers while holding live streaming on her social media channel, Twitch.

On 18th June, 2020, NYYXXII initiated streaming on her social media handle and it was her Twitch live channel, and on July 2, 2020, NYYXXII became service’s memeber. Once NYYXXII agreed as a social media’s Twitch partner on 29th January, 2021, her created content began as a paid service. One of her favorite games, Little Nightmares, was the first she streamed.

Nyyxxii Twitter:

Itsy Bitsy Nyxi was the moniker her pals gave NYYXXII when she decided on her streaming moniker. She was accorded this moniker due to her diminutive stature.

The well-notable Cosplayer, the live streamerNYYXXII, often come up as various characters from video games when playing a game on her live video stream. She also has countless followers on Twitter and often interacts with her online followers.

Recently, NYYXXII came up as the Tomb Raider persona from the Computer movie and game. Since she loves the computer and online games, she often appears in gaming outfits during live streaming.

Nyyxxii Instagram:

Many followers on Instagram often post messages for her, and she replies to them on her posts. She is adored and followed by many online users, and her fans adore her fondness for computer games.

The gender identity of this social media influencer is bisexual cis-woman. She has many tattoos all over her physique, such as those on the forearm’s right side, leg’s lower right and right thigh.

Her account on social media is NYYXXII, although we don’t know her real identity. Her birth date was April 1999, in the U.K. She went to a nearby institution where she eventually earned an acting degree.

Nyyxxii Height:

NYYXXII stands at 160 cm (5 feet 3 inches) in height and weighs about 110 lbs(50 kgs), among other stats. Her eyes and hairs are brown, which complements her lovely face. On Instagram, she has about 109 thousand followers.

Identity details of NYYXXII:

  • Real identity- Unknown
  • Nationality- British
  • Social media identity- NYYXXII
  • Date of Birth- April 7, 1999
  • Zodiac Sign- Aries
  • Home town- United Kingdom
  • Birthplace- United Kingdom
  • Age as of 2022- 23 years
  • Profession- Social Network and Media Influencer, including Nyyxxii Instagram

However, the details of NYYXXII’s parents and family are unknown. So, you may browse NUUXXII and get her personal details online.

Body Statistics of NYYXXII:

  • Weight- 110 lbs.- (50 kg)
  • Height- 160 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
  • Eye color- Brown
  • Hair color- Brown
  • Dress size- Unknown
  • Shoe size- Unknown
  • Favorites of NYYXXII
  • Favorite food- Nutritional and dietary food
  • Hobbies- Swimming, playing games, and live streaming.
  • Favorite color- Grey and pink
  • Salary per year- Approximately 300,000 USD

Profiles of social networking sites:

NYYXXII has many followers and fans on social media handles, and she often interacts with her fans and followers online and responds to their queries. A few of the social media profiles she created are as follows:

  • Twitter
  • Twitch
  • Nyyxxii Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Facebook


NYYXXII is a famous social networking influencer and often chats online with her followers through her social media profiles. Besides, her fans are enticed to her due to her passion for her video games and the outfits she carries of several characters whenever she streams live with the online users.

You may get more details and exciting facts about NYYXXII here. Do you follow Nyyxxii Instagram? Share your viewpoint about the outfits of gaming characters she often carries in the section below.

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