Philly Nurse Pregnant Woman {Oct 2022} Explore The Details!

This write-up on Philly Nurse Pregnant Woman notifies readers about an incident that caused outrage on social media sites. Read up to know the facts.

Do you know a Philly Nurse Pregnant Woman incident? Once a pregnant mother published her encounter with the health practitioner online, a registered nurse in Pennsylvania is the target of significant internet outrage across the United States and other regions.

The nurse, who website visitors have recognized as Theresa Smigo, seems to be harassing the seven-months-pregnant lady after she asked for a leave of absence from duty due to discomfort. So, let’s check if the news about a nurse is true, as discussed on the media networks.

How to Work as a Nurse While Pregnant?

The expectant TikTok user called Jillian detailed what occurred in a clip by saying, she required a note from the doctor, she required to take time off work, and she was experiencing a lot of discomforts.

According to the woman, the nurse performed a cervical examination that was extremely aggressive and quite uncomfortable and afterward informed Jillian that she could not write a note for her since Jillian could continue her duties. But, it was difficult for Jillian to perform her duties due to pain.

Philly Nurse Pregnant Woman:

Jillian, the expectant, posted three video clips online during the weekend. She may interact with the Philadelphia Pregnancy Center nurse in the initial footage. Jillian shared the other two videos outlining what occurred after the videos became popular.

Jillian claimed that once feeling pain, she approached the center to request a medical letter. The center instructed her to visit after she asked for a week-long session. Jillian claimed that during the Nurse Philly Pregnancy Center visit, she attempted to describe her difficulty with Smigo, as seen in the popular video, during her visit. However, according to the lady, the nurse hadn’t been concerned about the specifics.

Smigo informed her that she could continue after the examination, and the best she could advise was that Jillian couldn’t carry over twenty-five pounds.


The Internet was stormed after a woman shared a video clip of her encounter with a nurse who was rude to her. The outrage was seen after Philly Nurse Pregnant Woman. Police were called, and Jillian received a note finally. 

You can check further particulars about an incident between and expectant and a nurse here. What are your views on the nurse? Share how you would deal with such a situation.

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