Jobs {Sep 2022} Explore The Information And Apply As Per The Instructions!

This write-up covers Jobs to help visitors and freelancers know about an opportunity provided by the publication house.

Are you interested in reviewing books? Do you want an opportunity at Jobs? Publishers Weekly is seeking reviewers for specific academic subjects.

If you want to grab this opportunity, Publishers Weekly wants freelancers from the United Kingdomthe United States, Kenya, and other countries. So, let’s check out what Publisher Weekly is looking for.

About Publishers Weekly:

The global news source for the book publishing world, Publishers Weekly, is seeking seasoned independent books reviewers who are at ease with publications in the following academic subjects:

  • Art and Photography
  • Ancient history
  • Latinx and African American studies
  • Sports
  • Romance
  • Music Military History
  • Memoir
  • Law (You may opt for Publishers Weekly Paid Reviews on these books)
  • Fiction (literary and commercial)
  • Economics
  • Food and Drink/ Cookbooks

Also, you may review Comics focusing on contemporary life/ American-Asian contemporary life/ history, Latinx contemporary life/ history, and contemporary Black life/African American history. Finally, individuals who are enthusiasts of comic books and graphic novels and have experience with genre prose or literary works would like to explore those genres.

All applicants are eligible to join; however, those who are book lovers and have knowledge and experience in particular fields are favored. So, you may apply at Publishers Weekly to grab the opportunity. Jobs:

Publishers Weekly, a renowned book publishing firm, offers freelancers opportunities. You can send a sample review of about 200 words of a newly released book along with your resume to Publishers Weekly.

You can also explore instances of their review publication to check the format of review they require. Once you write a 200 words review, you can send it to their e-mail address: The subject line of the e-mail you send for your sample reviews should be “Book Reviewing.” You can write on specified categories for the reviews you are interested in writing for Publishers Weekly Earn Money.

Who can write for Publishers Weekly?

Different community members are strongly encouraged to submit applications to write reviews for Publishers Weekly. You can write a review on any category or subject area, including Music, Comic, etc.

The example to send your application’s subject line must be “Book Reviewing: Comic, Music.” Also, read here about Publishers Weekly.


Publishers Weekly has recently offered an option for freelancers to write reviews for their publications. Successful applicants will go through the joining process. However, missing credentials or an inappropriate format may reject your application.

Will you avail the opportunity? Write your reviews about Jobs in the comment box.

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