Queen Consort Pregnant {Oct 2022} All You Need to Know!

The guide provides the crucial details about the Queen Consort Pregnant news circulating online.

Are you aware of the love child of King Charles III and Camilla, who is in the news these days? Simon Charles Dorante-Day is in the news these days because of his claims that shocked the world. He was in the headlines long before Charles III was crowned king. But he is grabbing more attention now for the claims to be the love child of Charles III and Camilla. 

Many media channels have interviewed him to confirm the claims, and he also provides some evidence to support his claims. Many people in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore want to know more about Queen Consort Pregnant news.  

Was Queen Consort Really Pregnant, or It’s a Hoax?

Many media channels have interviewed Simon, and he claims that he is the love child of King Charles III and Camilla. He has also shared new images and pictures of Queen Consort that add to his claims.

The images shared by Simon were captured on 12th April 1966, showing a baby bump on Camilla. After publicizing the picture, a buzz was created amongst the people who believed his claim. 

In an interview, he said his grandmother confirmed that he was the son of Charles and Camilla.

How Old Is Camilla Queen Consort – Her Age?

Queen Camilla was born on 17th July 1947 in London, UK. She was born to Bruce Shand and Rosalind Shand. Today she is 75 years old. However, she has been alleged to have had a love child with King Charles III at such an old age.

It is claimed that Camilla and Charles abandoned the child after his birth, and he was adopted by a local couple, David and Karen Day. These are his adoptive grandparents who worked for Queen, and they told Simon that he was the love child of Camilla and Charles III. 

Simon also confirmed that he could not find photos from the last month of her pregnancy in 1965 to prove Is the Queen Consort Pregnant. However, he revealed many things to support his claims. 


Simon Dorante-Day is now waiting for a DNA test to prove that his claims were not wrong or a hoax. He also confirmed that the Royal Family forced him to undergo surgery when he was eight months old to change his resemblance. 

Simon is in the news as he has been interviewed by many media channels where he is continuously claiming that he is the love child of King Charles III and Camilla. But, it is yet to be proved whether the Queen Consort Pregnant news is true or a hoax 

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