What Did Kanye Say Reddit {Oct 2022} The Remarks That Hit The Controversies And Dropouts From Firms!

Check out this post on What Did Kanye Say Reddit and learn the remarks he made for which numerous companies cut ties with him.

Does Kanye make any statements? Is there a controversy surrounding him? On Monday, October 24, 2022, Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian condemned the hateful speech, and the label CAA allegedly severed connections with the musician, adding to the outcry surrounding Kanye West.

Several fans and supporters from Canada, Ireland, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other global places are looking into the rapper’s controversy. Let us read this guide and discover What Did Kanye Say Reddit.

What’s the recent controversy surrounding Kanye?

The most recent developments come after numerous instances wherein Kanye Omari West said things that were anti-Semitic in media and the internet. After declaring her divorce from Kanye the year before, Kim Kardashian became officially single in March 2021. She stated that verbal abuse is never permissible or forgivable.

Ye, often identified as Kanye Omari West, is the embodiment of the American dream in numerous instances. Ye went from being a university dropout to becoming a titan in the fashion and music industries, gaining millions of admirers and money.

What Did Kanye Say About Adidas?

A persistent propensity for contentious behavior and remarks rooted in unstable medical concerns has returned home to play. The rapper lost his billionaire title, and Adidas left because of “destructive” anti-semitism comments.

He stated that Adidas could not drop him for any remarks. The greatest punches occurred on October 25, 2022, on Tuesday, when titans of the fashion business are largely responsible for Ye’s billionaire status—left the Kanye brand. 

And yet have incredibly profitable agreements with Kanye, Adidas and Gap parted ways. Adidas’ Yeezy shoes raked in billions for the German-based shoe company Gap canceled a distribution deal for Yeezy clothing that had been signed in 2020 after 10 years. 

What Did Kanye Say Reddit?

Due to the racist statements, Foot Locker also acted, announcing in a note that it has told shop assistants to remove all Yeezy merchandise from stores and online stores. White racists on Saturday, October 22, 2022, displayed their backing for Kanye and their hate towards Jews over a Los Angeles highway in response to Kanye’s latest antisemitic remarks. 

Mainstream companies stopped doing business as a result of those sentiments, which were emphasized by the motorway demonstrations. Even while the @JudiciaryGOP Twitter feed posted “Kanye. Elon. Trump” in favor earlier in October, a few have argued that the performer’s seclusion is primarily a result of the cancellation mentality gone awry.

Kanye West Comments Reddit:

Kanye’s artistic, economic, and personal destiny could be in peril. Kanye (45) tweeted on October 8, 2022, that he will shortly “take fatality condition 3 on Jew citizens,” an obvious allusion to the DEFCON level used by the American military to measure preparedness. The greatest degree of readiness, DEFCON 1, is only appropriate for nuclear conflict. (DEFCON 5 is a non-hostile situation).

Following the remark, Instagram and Twitter locked his profiles. Kanye has been attempting to acquire Parler, a far more niche social media site that republicans like because of its lax material control guidelines. 

So, What Did Kanye Do 2022? Kanye later clarified himself on several Television programs, only to reiterate his original claim. He stated that it isn’t hateful speech; it is the reality.”

Are there protests in favor of Kanye?

On October 22, 2022, the anti-semitic Goyim Defense League members gathered along a 405 Highway bridge in Los Angeles. The gathering reportedly displayed a board that read, Ye, is correct regarding the Jews,” and other members gave a salute to the Nazis.

Authorities promptly condemned the party, and California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted: “Antisemitic demonstrations this past weekend in Los Angeles were revolting and should not be accepted as usual or disregarded. Words have power.”

Which other companies severed tied with Kanye?

What Did Kanye Say Reddit? After his racist statements, Kanye’s bank, JPMorgan Chase, ordered him to move his assets to a different organization by November 21. The effects of Kanye’s remarks have become more noticeable in the week. After the white nationalist rally in Los Angeles on Sunday, the talent agency CAA withdrew Kanye as a customer on Monday.

A completed feature about Kanye will no more be released, according to the television and film company MRC. MRC accused Kanye of spreading the false that Jews are bad and plotting to conquer the globe for their interests, according to a document.


Kanye, often called Ye, has been in the news lately. What Did Kanye Say Reddit? His racist remarks were the reason for being in the news. Many companies have parted ways with Kanye, and the recent protests in his favor heated the incident. You may check more concerning Kanye here .

Did you read Kanye’s remarks? Share your opinion about the hate speech that Kanye made.

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