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Do you know King Viserys is dead and not available for the world in the House of the Dragon series? Since 2nd episode, the king has been suffering from a unique disease that was causing damage to his body and flesh.

The king was under treatment with excessive leeches and mystery teas. However, he finally died after 5th episode. Now all fans in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom want to know what happened to the king.

For those unaware, the king died of a unique disease. So, let us find out What Disease Does Viserys Have that took his life.

What Disease Took King Viserys Life?

King Viserys’s tenure ends after he collapsed in the 5th episode of the House of the Dragon series. Paddy Considine played the character and confirmed that the king had suffered from an illness since the 2nd episode.

On his appearance on Entertainment Weekly’s West of Westeros podcast, Paddy confirmed that King Viserys was different from a unique disease called Leprosy disease, which was why he was dismissed from the series.

He said the disease was damaging his body and bones, and it took his life.

What is Leprosy Disease?

Leprosy is a long-term bacterial infection caused by Mycobacterium Leprae. The disease causes severe damage to the respiratory tract, nerves, eyes and skin. The contiguous disease spreads from one person to another via extensive contact. It may spread via contact with fluid from the infected person, cough, and more.

But, in the case of King Viserys, things are different as the king caught the disease from the Iron Throne. He believed that the throne had not accepted him as a king. So, there are many reasons How Do You Get Leprosy disease, but the king got it from the iron throne.

When Did King Viserys Die?

In all five episodes, the king was seen undergoing treatment. Finally, at the end of episode 5, the king collapsed, but he was not dead yet. So, fans are likely to see the king in the upcoming episodes.

King Viserys died in 129 AC in Fire and Blood. However, in the House of the Dragon, King Viserys is still alive, and he will be seen in the upcoming episodes.


The House of the Dragon’s king, Viserys, collapsed in the 5th episode, and it is believed that he is dead. However, he was suffering from leprosy diseaseWas Leprosy Contagious? It is a contagious disease, but the king believes he caught it from the iron throne as it has not accepted him as a king.

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