What Is Death Con 3 : Where the word death con came from? Who is Kanye west? What did he say?

Scroll down this article, and you will know all the facts that will help you learn about What Is Death Con 3 and other things in detail.

Do you love to hear Rap songs? If you are a Rap lover, you might have heard about Kanye West. Want to know why did Kanye west use the Term Death Con 3?

Recently a Raper, Kanye West involved in a controversy with the Jewish people, and it has been vital in various countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Now people want to know all the details regarding What Is Death Con 3Read the article and clear your doubts.

Kanye West and Death Con 3:

Recently a tweet was posted by famous rapper Kanye West regarding Jewish people this Sunday. Some of the tweet viewers reported that tweet as it was antisemitic.

Later it became a controversial tweet. Some followers also said that it was a plan against black people. Now continue reading this article, and you will get details about What Is Death Con.

Definition of Death Con:

There is no word termed as death Con. This word can also be known as Defcon. It means armies are ready and can deploy weapons for action within 6 hours.

Tweet Posted by Kanye West:

In a recent tweet, Kanye West wrote he was awake from his sleep when he felt like he was in Death Con 3. He also said that black people are mainly Jews. Later this tweet was removed from the Twitter account.

Kanye Death Con 3

As there is no word called Death Con 3, the rapper makes this word by referring to the US military command as Defcon 3, which soldiers use during combat. Kanye tweeted it after two years.

His account was restricted after he posted a screenshot of an argument with a hip-hop star, but after reading this article, you now know What Is Death Con.

Why is this topic on trend?

People have been searching for this topic after a tweet was posted by the rapper Kanye West on Sunday. People are searching for articles about the tweet. Hence this article has been on trend.

Final Verdict:

Recently Kanye West, a rapper from America, tweeted a controversial tweet regarding Jewish people. Though it violated twitter’s law, they removed his Twitter account, and now this issue has been resolved.

After reading this article, do you know What Is Death Con 3? If you know, share where you learn this wordplay in our comment box. Meanwhile, click here to learn more information regarding Death Con 3.

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