Why Did Jesse Leave Chicago PD : Know Why Important Characters from Franchise Leaving!

The guide shares Why Did Jesse Leave Chicago PD and other characters quit the franchise.

Are you a great fan of the renowned franchise, One Chicago? Do you stream all the shows of the franchise telecasted on NBC? If you are a great fan of the Chicago Franchise, you probably know that some of the show’s characters have exited from future episodes.

Fans from Canada and the United States wonder what happened to their favorite characters in the episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire; all broadcasted on NBC.   

If you also want to know Why Did Jesse Leave Chicago PD, continue reading.

Why did Jesse Left Chicago PD?

Jesse Lee Soffer is out of the Chicago PD show, and it shocked all his fans. He was an important cast member of the show. But it is out from Season 10. The actor announced his exit from the show after Jay decided to quit.

He released a statement and tweeted about his exit, but the statement has not clarified the reason why the actor left the show in Season 10. Fans believe he wants to step out of the character he has been playing for a decade.

But the reason is still unknown why the actor has left the show.

Why Did Jay Leave Chicago PD?

During the recent episode, many fans wondered because Jay announced his exit from the show. He broke the law in a case and decided to resign as the detective from IB. Jay also confirmed with his wife that he would join an Army Group in Bolivia to tackle his issues. He will be working there for 8 weeks. 

After quitting the show and joining the army group for 8 weeks, his friend Jesse also decided to exit from the future episodes of season 10.

Why did Evan Left Chicago Fire?

Evan Hawkins is a renowned character in Chicago Fire. But, Why Did Evan Leave Chicago Fire? He tragically expired in the 11th Season 3rd Episode, shocking all his fans. In the episode, the Firehouse51 team was called to save the civilians in a structure of a movie theater. Unfortunately, while extracting the trapped civilians, Evan lost his life.

The structure collapsed, and Evan died in the incident.


The One Chicago franchise registered a great loss after some characters exited the show. Jesse and Jay from Chicago PD and Evan and Jimmy from Chicago Fire left the show. Fans are wondering Why Did Jimmy Leave Chicago Fire. Jimmy was officially killed in the show and will not be seen in future episodes.

Do you watch all the episodes of the Chicago franchise? Please share your views in the comment section.

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