Wisconsin Volleyball Twitter Leak Video {Oct 2022} Trending on Social Media and Probing Police Involvement!  

The guide shares details about the Wisconsin Volleyball Twitter Leak Video on social media.  

Are you aware of the leaked video of the women’s Wisconsin University volleyball team circulating on Twitter and TikTok? An unacceptable viral video is recently circulating on social media, bothering the UW athletic department and the UW-Madison PD. 

A statement has been released by the University of Wisconsin athletic department about the viral video, and the student-athletes informed the police department that they are investigating the crime. 

Worldwide fans are worried about the team members, searching for more information about the Wisconsin Volleyball Twitter Leak Video and comments.   

About the Wisconsin Volleyball Leak Video!

The Wisconsin Volleyball Leak Video refers to the leaking of unacceptable videos and photos of the University of Wisconsin Women’s Volleyball team. The statement confirms that the photos and videos were captured after the NCAA championship held in 2021.

The worldwide users found the video circulating on Twitter and TikTok in Oct 2022, triggering a new controversy that surfaced across social media channels. Users also shared different memes after the leaked video. It urged the local police to involve and carry out an investigation into the leaked videos. The videos and photos are unacceptable, and the University of Wisconsin has published an official statement.

When Were University Of Wisconsin Volleyball Pictures and Videos Leaked?

The private videos and photos of the volleyball team were leaked on 20th October 2022, Thursday. The team had a match with Michigan State on Friday, and just 24 hours before the match, the video was leaked on social media channels. 

The Badgers vs. Michigan State match was scheduled for Friday, 21st Oct 2022, and the videos were leaked on the evening of Thursday, i.e., 20th October 2022. Soon after the leaked video surfaced on social media, the student-athletes approached the local police and urged their involvement in investigating the crime. Despite all the privacy breaches and scandals, the team finally won the match. 

Unfortunately, the University Of Wisconsin Volleyball Pictures and videos went viral on social media and shocked the world. However, there was very little involvement from Twitter and TikTok in removing the videos and stopping them from circulating.

Police are investigating the crime and are still unaware of how the sensitive videos and images surfaced and went viral on social media channels. Police are in the state of examining the case. 

What Was Leaked Online?

The videos and photos leaked on social media showcase the women’s team celebrating their victory in their locker room after defeating Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Image and videos were quite old, as they were captured a year ago, in December 2021. 

After defeating the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Davison I Women’s Volleyball Championship, The Badgers celebrated their national win in the locker room. The match was scheduled in Dec 2021 in Columbus, Ohio. 

The photos and videos show that the team members pulled out their sports bras in the retiring room after winning the match. But, it is private inside the locker room and not in public. But, some miscreants captured those private photos and videos while the team celebrated their win and leaked them on social media channels. 

How is the Athletes Department Reacting?

After the Video and photos went viral on social media, the Wisconsin athletes department took the social media to publish an official statement.  

On 19th Oct 2022, the UW Badgers’ official Twitter account published a statement related to the leaked videos. The statement confirms that some miscreants leaked it, and the department has approached the UW-Madison Police Department to investigate the private videos and photos. The tweet gained over 1200 Likes in 5 days. 

So far, it is confirmed that the leaked private photos and videos were shared by Discord Server on 18th Oct 2022 that surfaced and went viral on the evening of 20th Oct. 

How Are People Reacting?

Soon after the Wisconsin Volleyball Twitter Leak Video went viral, many people reacted and commented on it. The videos and photos were shared on multiple social media channels and discussion forums, including Reddit. 

People are unhappy with the incident and urging for a thorough police investigation into it. The official statement released on 20th Oct also gained many likes, and comments from users and one can check the Comments and Feedback on their official Twitter Account .


The high-rated and experienced volleyball team of Wisconsin Badgers has many records in their name. But, the team has been into a new controversy triggered after a Wisconsin Volleyball Twitter Leak Video on social media channels.       

These were the private videos and photos of the team captured while celebrating their national win in Dec 2021. Police are investigating the crime, and soon, the department will release more updates on the case. 

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