Write for Us + Blockchain {Oct 2022} Read The Rules And Follow Them To Succeed In Content Writing!

This guide on Write for Us + Blockchain will assist you in learning the necessary rules and guidelines to be followed before contributing a post.

Do you have a piece of extensive knowledge of blockchain? Are your predictions usually right for the blockchain and other digital currencies? Since blockchain is the trending and latest technology, people look for the facts over digital platforms.

However, once you begin writing, you should be conscious of the rules you must abide by or the advantages of teaming up for a network. Let’s examine Write for Us + Blockchain and certain aspects you need to be careful about.

About Tinyjoker.com:

tinyjoker.com is a digital publishing platform and is well known for giving visitors reviews and updates about blockchain and many other subjects. Every day, many currencies are being traded throughout the planet, and we go through them to bring the latest updates on blockchain for people looking for up-to-date and useful information.

Our information includes various topics, including technologies, breakthroughs and innovations, blockchain, virtual currencies, and many more. tinyjoker.com has a reader base interested in various niche areas since we publish content from many aspects of blockchain on our web pages.

How will a Write for Us Blockchain contributor benefit?

  • All you need to do to gain a network for your information is to publish high-quality articles. You may connect with viewers all over the globe through our portal, which is quite beneficial for content creators.
  • You could educate individuals on the value of blockchain and its various components.
  • Your post will get many visits if your content is SEO-friendly.
  • Our larger audience base will give your post the attention you need for your career development and growth.

As viewers and creators interact regularly, a connection will develop in which you can also prompt comments sections on your articles.

Guidelines for “Write for Us” + Blockchain contributors:

  • We need all posts to be error-free with a grammar score of more than or a minimum of 98.
  • Your post must be plagiarism-free and written with precise and accurate details.
  • You can write a guest post a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 1000 words. This word count is mandatory to follow with proper keyword placement.
  • Your post must begin with a suitable header followed by appropriate sub-headers at the right places.
  • Active voice is recommended for our guest posts and every other post published for tinyjoker.com.
  • Your language choice is crucial when composing Blockchain + “Write for Us” for our website. The more straightforward your content is, the more likely viewers will understand it and like your style.
  • We do not allow promotional stuff or links to promote websites.
  • You must include an external link in your article, but the spam of it should not be upwards of three percent.

These instructions are mandatory when writing a blog entry on the blockchain or any other genre. Every rule is a must, and proofreading your content, in the end, will help your article to be error-free and precisely written.

Who can be our Blockchain Write for Us contributor?

  • Knowledge of SEO-friendly writing will help you grow as a content contributor since it is the primary requirement people look for.
  • Those with blockchain expertise who could communicate about the multiple aspects of conducting online research are welcome to write on technological advancement.
  • Having the motivation to acquire advanced abilities is crucial to improving your communication.
  • You should portray the material in your post on the blockchain so that the viewers will find it convincing.

How to send a blog entry?

You must give us pieces of writing on Blockchain “Write for Us” so that our specialists may evaluate your literary skills if you want to take advantage of the chance offered by tinyjoker.com

Besides, you may contribute your samples to email at editor.tinyjoker@gmail.com. When you require assistance with something relating to publishing, you may reach us; we will assist you right away. Our specialists will accept when your content on the blockchain is accurate and abided by the guidelines.


We advise people who produce high-caliber literature to seize this chance since it is extremely advantageous to authors. The writing requirements are all mentioned in this guide. You can follow each instruction and abide by them to help your Write for Us + Blockchain content get selected.

Check here for extra facts on technological advancements and blockchain writings . Do you have expertise in blockchain writing? Share your thoughts on being a writing expert.

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