Write for Us + Crypto : Learn Some New, Improved Guidelines Before You Start Guest Posting on Our Tinyjoker.com!

Read all the guidelines you need to know, and it will help you create a professional Write for Us + Crypto guest posting.

Are you planning to post your articles on our Tinyjoker.com? Do you know about the advantages that you might get after doing guest posting? Are you all searching for a website where you can start posting to gain attractive opportunities? 

Crypto is now in demand, and traders have been looking for websites that provide authentic information. If you think you can give the best crypto insights, then we suggest you start posting your Write for Us + Crypto. Now follow all our essential guidelines.

About Tinyjoker.com:

We have gained an enormous traffic base by providing varieties of niche content for our viewers. We also successfully established a bridge that helps our viewers to create a bridge with worldwide news. 

  • We deliver website reviews there. We try to discuss some important factors about the website’s legitimacy like Pros and Cons, specifications, and other essential things. 
  • We also deliver news articles. This article aims to provide all kinds of recent updates about the world.
  • We also deliver varieties of product details, which also helps our viewers to know about the products before they purchase.

Now we are planning to share some information about cryptocurrency. That is why we have developed a new segment where we want writers to start posting their Write for Us Crypto posts on our Tinyjoker.com.

Guidelines that have been developed for Crypto Articles:

  • Writers may easily create content that should be 500–1000 words long.
  • We always appreciate writers proofreading their work before delivering it to our staff for additional processing.
  • Grammarly scores must be between 98 and 100. We will never accept any lower score than this number.
  • Writers must remember that a scam score should not exceed 1 to 3 percent. We will not accept a higher scam score than this number.
  • We also suggest writers understand our SEO Guidelines, which will help you create the most SEO-friendly content easily.
  • While you start writing your “Write for Us” + Crypto articles, you must take references from various articles.
  • Writers must post unique writing; we will never accept any content that contains plagiarism issues.
  • Try checking your content on the Copyscape premium tool to ensure it is entirely error-free. Whenever possible, add a screenshot.
  • Writers must write all of their content in the active voice. Remember, we only give relaxation up to 5% passive voice.
  • Filler is not permitted when authors produce content for us.
  • We prefer to use simple language in the guest post on cryptocurrency so that our visitors can understand the subject.
  • To make it easier for our viewers, we want writers to provide subheadings and bullet points at proper intervals when they create Crypto + “Write for Us” content for Tinyjoker.com .
  • The article’s title should be short and alluring. We will accept title characters within 40–50 characters allowed.
  • Meta descriptions for articles must be 150–160 characters long.
  • Writers should employ a keyword density of no more than 1%.
  • External links must be added after they have completed 80% of their articles.
  • We will allow writers to highlight their content with green and bold colours, and keywords must be in blue and bold colours.
  • The readability score of your text must be at least 60; if it is below, it will not be accepted.

Advantages of Crypto Write for Us:

  • Because we have a lot of traffic, guest posting on our website will enable writers to generate new prospects and help them build their businesses.
  • Contributors can strengthen their feeling of brand recognition with the help of guest articles.
  • Due to building high-quality backlinks, your website’s DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) will also rise.
  • Your guest blogging keywords will rank immediately if you produce a guest post on our excellent website.

Contact us for Tinyjoker.com!

After reading our guidelines, if you think you can write for us, share your articles in our email at editor.tinyjoker@gmail.com. Our team will verify you after checking your article within 24 hours.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have mentioned the guidelines we want writers to follow while they start developing Crypto “Write for Us”. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about the benefits of crypto articles, then click here.

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