Write for Us + Cryptocurrency : What Guidelines Do Writers Follow While They Write Guest Post on Cryptocurrency?

Scroll down this article, and you might learn some new guidelines that will help you to create the best Write for Us + Cryptocurrency.

Do you know the ways of writing Cryptocurrency guest posts? Is it true that you were searching for websites that offered Cryptocurrency guest posts? Do you have any idea regarding the benefits of cryptocurrency guest posts? Did you come across our website while looking for information on this subject?

Our website has announced plans to offer opportunities to authors who can quickly compose various generic guest pieces. We advise them to review our rules and guidelines before they begin posting their Write for Us + Cryptocurrency post on our Tinyjoker.com.

About our Tinyjoker.com:

Tinyjoker.com mainly offers various articles that help us create a huge traffic base worldwide. Some of the trust information articles that we specifically publish daily are given below:

  • We provide news articles, here we cover vital information about the world that covers trending topics, and we discuss the celebrity’s net worth and other essential details with our viewers.
  • We also deliver correct information about the website where our viewers think of buying their products. This type of article helps them by providing all kinds of details that allow viewers to know this website’s legitimacy.
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Now, Tinyjoker.com has understood the demand for Cryptocurrency, and we plan to provide opportunities to the writer waiting for a Write for Us Cryptocurrency post on our website.

Guidelines that Writers need to follow while writing Cryptocurrency posts:

Our officials have set some new guidelines to help writers learn about the guest post they plan to post on Tinyjoker.com

  • Writers can write content, and it should have 500–1000 words.
  • Before sending their work to our staff for further processing, we always appreciate their proofreading.
  • We accept Grammarly scores between 98 and 100 and never receive scores below.
  • The writers planning to publish their work must adhere to the rule that the scam score should not exceed 1 to 3 percent.
  • We also create some proven SEO guidelines, and we want writers to follow them while they start making a “Write for Us” + Cryptocurrency post article for our Tinyjoker.com.
  • Writers must publish original content, and we will not accept plagiarism problems.
  • To ensure that your article is error-free, check your content on the Copyscape premium tool. If possible, attach a screenshot.
  • We will never accept articles with more than 5% passive voice. Therefore, writers must write all of their content in the active voice.
  • When contributors create content for us, the filler must not be used.
  • For our readers to understand the topic, we prefer to use straightforward language in the Cryptocurrency guest post.
  • We expect the writer to provide proper subheadings and bullet points, which will make your Cryptocurrency + “Write for Us” guest post article more attractive.
  • Before writing an article, the writer must read some other relevant articles to provide the most authentic one.
  • The article’s title needs to be short and to the point. The title character limit must not cross 40 to 50 characters.
  • Articles’ meta descriptions must be between 150 and 160 characters long.
  • Writers should use no more than 1% keyword density.
  • Once they have written 80% of their articles, external links must be included.
  • Try to use green, bold colours to draw attention to your external connection.
  • Your content’s readability score must be at least 60; if it is less than this number, it will not be accepted.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Write for Us Guest post:

  • Guest writing on Tinyjoker.com will allow writers to create new leads and aid them in growing their businesses because we have a large traffic base.
  • Guest posts assist contributors in building a strong sense of brand recognition.
  • In the same way, the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). of your website will improve, and it can be done by generating quality backlinks. 
  • By publishing a guest on a reputable website like Tinyjoker.com , your guest blogging keywords will rank instantly.

Contact us for Tinyjoker.com:

Once you’ve read our guidelines, if you believe you can write our articles by adhering to our standards, send us your article at this email at editor.tinyjoker@gmail.com. Within 24 hours of reviewing your article, we will provide feedback.

Final Verdict:

This article has provided you with vital information that will help you create a proper Cryptocurrency “Write for Us guest post for our Tinyjoker.com. Now click here if you want to know more about Cryptocurrency guest posts .

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