Write For Us + News Guest Post {Nov 2022} Discover All The Specifics And Be A Great Contributor!

This Write for Us + News Guest Post contains all pertinent requirements and details concerning our blogging opportunity. Read and follow it.  

Do you enjoy alarming folks with the most emerging advancements taking place throughout the world? If so, here is your chance to show off your literary prowess to the group. Composing is a practice that dates back centuries and is an integral part of our daily life. These days, we can also discover many events through web articles.

Similarly, now we offer you a wonderful chance to participate and contribute to our news pieces. However, it would help if you also learned about who we are and the important guidelines for the Write for Us + News Guest Post that are provided below.

Who are we?

Tinyjoker.com Website is a website that provides internet visitors with the most recent, unbiased reporting. Additionally, we update readers in the genres as mentioned above in addition to giving only current happenings occurring across the world:

  • Travelling tips
  • Technology
  • Gaming developments
  • Digital currencies
  • Website Reviews
  • Legal advice
  • Business, etc.

We prefer to provide new possibilities for skilled contributors to use our website to demonstrate their experience and competencies on a big scale. Likewise, we also provide a different solution for guest blogging on our news theme.

Where to begin composing for the Write for Us News topics?

  • Each potential writer should have a firm grasp of topics related to the news.
  • The author must have great writing abilities if they write pieces about the news.
  • The author of a news article could be a beginner or a seasoned pro.
  • Your news articles should adhere to the proper format.
  • Writing one such article requires extensive study; hence the contributor should be a skilled investigator.
  • Contributors who wish to submit news-related topics should be fluent in English.
  • The news article as a whole needs to be structured well so that visitors can interpret it.
  • The writer should adhere to the fundamental guidelines for posting a news piece.
  • Since a participant in a post on the news can originate through any country or government, we do not place any geographical limitations on contributors.

Rules that must be followed for “Write for Us” + News:

We warmly ask all keen authors to grab this opportunity and offer their writing knowledge to our platform. In light of our possibility, we request that they follow the following principles while writing posts about journalism:

  • Your material must be free of duplication. You are required to share your opinions as it is not allowed.
  • Following the paragraph, the format is crucial while writing a post about the news.
  • The writer should keep doing in-depth research on the chosen news topic.
  • When composing a blog post on the news, a word frequency minimum of 800 to 1000 words is acceptable.
  • While writing a post about news, ensure the headings are noticeable and the News + “Write for Us” writing piece has a catchy title.
  • A blog contributor on a news topic may also include images that discuss other images.
  • While writing on a news topic, relevant keywords or buzzwords should be employed sensibly and in the proper context.
  • A specified number of words must separate all keywords you include in your article.
  • While writing a post about news, each term needs to be bolded in blue.
  • It would help if you had a proper ending to your News Write for Us post.
  • At the conclusion, a bold and green external hyperlink is required.
  • Any errors in your news piece are strictly prohibited.
  • Recheck your article after you’ve finished it.

Where to contact to post a news piece?

We encourage everybody who enjoys blogging about news affairs to look forward to this publication opportunity. If you’re eager to publish a blog article on the news for our website, please contact us at editor.tinyjoker@gmail.com. You can use our News “Write for Us” writing chance to show your language skills.


The opportunity to write about news affairs provides each contributor with a fantastic chance to display their unique potential and advance knowledge. You may write a post about a news topic, double-check your work, and submit it to the authorized e-mail address provided. 

Additionally, you may tap on this link for more information about the blogging opportunity in the news. Do you find the details in this Write for Us + News Guest Post tutorial to be informative? Submit your thoughts in the box below.

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